French & ESL prof

I have about 5,000 classroom hours teaching French, over 900 of which are online.

The present (2021):

In February, I was tested by an accredited D.C. testing service at an ILR level 4+ in French. 5 is native.

In April, I taught a three-week intensive class to U.S. military officers. I’ll be teaching similar intensive classes online through the summer. My current clients are ICLS, ICA and MLS.

In February, I delivered 160 hours of lesson plans (80 lesson plans, assignments and assessments for four 10-week French courses). I used open educational resource textbooks Français interactif and Liberté, plus lots of materials available online.

Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself because I was laid off (see below), I took a 120-hour TEFL Course and got a TEFL/TESOL Certificate in February so I can teach English as a second/foreign language both here and abroad (read France!).

Plus I’ve come up with a language-learning startup idea…

The past:

For 15 months (2019-20), I taught French to diplomats at the Foreign Service Institute (State Department) in Virginia. I was laid off along with most of my colleagues in August 2020 due to COVID.

Before that, I taught at two California community colleges in the Mojave Desert.

Antelope Valley College: I taught French 101 and 102. The French club I started in February, 2018, won second prize in a nationwide French Embassy contest in November, 2018! I created the #FrenchIsEverywhere project to boost interest and enrollment in French. (It helps to have a little marketing experience ;)

Cerro Coso Community College: I taught French 101 online and, for two years, I also taught French (and Speech 101 in summer, 2018) to incarcerated students in a California prison. This was the most profoundly gratifying teaching experience I’ve ever had. Read about the talk I gave at the 2018 California Community College Foreign Language Council conference.

Some links:

Our first group of graduates with AA degrees, June 2018! I was there. Three of them are (excellent) former French students of mine. More here.